Sunday, July 17

Bag based on American Eagle Outfitters bag

This is based on a bag from American Eagle Outfitters. I don't have a picture of the original bag but I will be able to get it later as my cousin owns that bag. I will also be adding some strings and decorations when I buy them. The side pockets do work, strap attached with D-rings. Green fabric from a pair of old pants (that's also where the pockets come from). This is actually the second bag I've made but I can't seem to find the pictures of my first one which was white.

Thursday, June 2

Flower Hair Things -- Hurrah!

Made from the folded fabric flower tutorial on Craftster.


Look it's domokun! Hand sewn for my brother who had been asking for one months ago.

Here he is seen eating my friend's head.

Camera and mp3 player cozie.

Using very soft fuzzy green frog socks. I cut out the top parts with the cute frogs (saving the bottoms for my feet) and sewed them onto white felt. The larger one is for my Iriver h10 and has a inner felt lining. The smaller one is for Cindy's super slim Casio camera (which I used to take all these pictures). They protect our gadgets pretty well.

Image hosted by

A Wallet

Following a tutorial on craftster, I made my own wallet. This was more a prototype testing one so it has funky fabric. I added a thin piece of cardboard to support the thin fabric. It was fun and I plan on making more.


Back of wallet.

Inside with no money.

Sunday, May 29

Nina monster

Following Nina's great tutorial on craftster, I made my own monsters! =D One's similar to the one on the tutorial and the other's a pink bunny. Okay so not that monsterish but they're happy together. I think these are pretty simple to make. Thinking of what your monster will look like is the hard part!

Polar bear with scarf

Saw this very well made polar bear on craftster by annafauna so I decided to make my own. Of course mine is not as good but it's cute anyway. (One of the back legs is shorter than the rest.. oops) Maybe I'll post tutorial for this one later.