Sunday, May 29

Nina monster

Following Nina's great tutorial on craftster, I made my own monsters! =D One's similar to the one on the tutorial and the other's a pink bunny. Okay so not that monsterish but they're happy together. I think these are pretty simple to make. Thinking of what your monster will look like is the hard part!

Polar bear with scarf

Saw this very well made polar bear on craftster by annafauna so I decided to make my own. Of course mine is not as good but it's cute anyway. (One of the back legs is shorter than the rest.. oops) Maybe I'll post tutorial for this one later.

Snoopy keychain

Cindy bought a simple kit to make a snoopy keychain. It came with everything you needed, even a needle! But she was too lazy to make it so I did it for her. Turned out pretty well. =P

A bear shaped animal?

A bear shaped stuffed animal, or it was supposed to be a bear. Came out looking like this instead. My family thought he looked like Arthur the aardvark from the PBS show. I kinda made him on the whim and altered my pre-drawn pattern a lot so sorry no tutorial.

Saturday, May 28

First post!

Hello! Look around and comment on what you like. =) Right now there's nothing but we'll soon update with our crafty creations.